(Trunk Club Men) January 2017 Box #1 Review: Deciding What to Keep…

(Trunk Club Men) January 2017 Box #1 Review: Deciding What to Keep…

For the past five months, my husband Kevin, has been the biggest supporter of my new hobby — online personal styling services.  In these months, he’s probably taken more pictures of me in my outfits than he’s taken all year.  He smiles when I put on something that’s really nice that he likes.  I really want him to have as much fun as I’ve been having so I bought him a Stitch Fix gift certificate for Christmas.  He’s already received his first box, although he wasn’t all that thrilled with the contents.  He thought the quality of the clothes weren’t all that great.  So, I suggested he try Trunk Club! 

Here’s how Trunk Club works:

  1. You’ll take a brief survey about your style, sizes, and spending preferences to help connect you with the right stylist.
  2. He or she will contact you to learn more about what you’re looking for, and then send a preview of clothes they think are a good fit.
  3. They will send you a trunk of clothes and you have five days to decide what to keep or return.
  4. Log onto the website to give feedback on the items in your trunk
  5. Return the items you don’t want to keep (free shipping and  UPS pick up from your house).

Trunk Club is the only one of the subscription services where you actually get to have a back and forth communication with a stylist before she sends the trunk.  She also gives a preview of the trunk so you know what’s coming.  Kevin was assigned the same stylist who put together my trunks.  I hope he has more success with her than I have!  

In fact, you can judge for yourself. See what Kevin received in box #1 below and let me know what you think!

Paige Denim Normandie Japanese Twill Pants – $179

Culturata Graph Plaid Shirt- $135

J Shoes Monarch DNU Boot – $198

  These pieces are all very nice!  Kevin really liked the pink shirt — it’s a different color for him.  All of the other button downs in his closet are some shade of blue. It fit very well and went very nicely with the pants. Unfortunately, the shirt is a little more expensive than what he typically pays for items like this and, with lots of options to choose from in this box, he decided to pass on this one.   Status: Returned

I really liked the pants for him.  I thought they would be great for a casual date. They fit him very nicely and sat just perfectly over the boots. Kevin didn’t love these — he thought they looked like Dockers and didn’t want to keep them. Status: Returned

We both liked the shoes, although Kevin said the tongue of the shoe sat weird against the front of his ankle.  Michele, the stylist, sent two pairs for him to try and he decided not to keep these.  Status: Returned


A.G. Graduate Dark Wash Jeans – $198

Jeremy Argyle Half Zip Sweater – $178

Jack Erwin Chester Ankle Boot – $220


The sweater is very nice and fits Kevin very well. I don’t love the color, and  we did argue about whether or not the collar should be worn up or down.  He won as you can see in the pictures! In the end, there was another sweater option for him to try, and he decided not to keep this piece.  Status: Returned

We loved the color of the jeans, but they were didn’t fit that well.  They were a bit big in the waist and the length was too long.  No choice here but to send back.  Status: Returned.

Kevin loves, Loves, LOVES these boots! They are a deep chocolate brown color and the leather quality is very nice. When I saw the smile on his face when he opened the box, I knew these would go in his closet! Status: Kept.


    Trafalgar Kane Belt – $85

The belt goes very nicely with the boots Kevin decided to keep, so it’s a no brainer to keep it as well.  Status: Kept


 Rodd & Gunn Charlesworth Shawl with Elbow Patches – $248



Kevin fell in love with this sweater! It’s a deep Evergreen color and is very, very thick, but soft and cuddly and not scratchy. It has a very nice overlapping v-neck and elbow patches. I don’t love the patches, but Kevin really likes them. I know if he had it in his budget, he would have kept this one!. Status: Returned


So, I think this first box is a bit hit for Kevin.  He ended up keeping two items, but would have kept more if things weren’t so pricey.   I’m not sure if he plans to order another box but, if he does, I’ll be sure to share the contents here.

Let me know what you think about Kevin’s trunk!

How do you rate these items in this Trunk?



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