(Bungalow Clothing) January 2017 Box #1 Review: Trying John Legend’s Online Personal Styling Service

(Bungalow Clothing) January 2017 Box #1 Review: Trying John Legend’s Online Personal Styling Service

I joined Trunk Club Women last year and was less than thrilled with the items my personal stylist picked out for me in the three trunks that I received.  My husband is currently using the men’s service and loves it!  He has my same stylist!

When I heard about Bungalow Clothing (owned by singer, John Legend), I was anxious to try it as a replacement for Trunk Club. 

Here’s how Bungalow Clothing works:

  1. You’ll take a brief survey about your style, sizes, and spending preferences to help connect you with the right stylist.
  2. He or she will contact you to learn more about what you’re looking for, and then send a preview of clothes they think are a good fit
  3. They will send you a box and you have five days to decide what to keep or return. No styling fee!
  4. Return the items you don’t want to keep (free shipping and  Fedex pick up from your house).

Similar to Trunk Club, you actually get to have a back and forth communication with a stylist before your items are sent. I don’t know that my stylist, Rio, made much effort to get to know me and styles that I like – he sent me a quick note asking what events I had coming up and if there were particular items that I wanted to receive in my box.  Kevin and I have been going into the city quite often lately and I told him about several outings we have coming up, including a birthday dinner and an outing to a jazz parlor. I also asked for a few basic pieces so that I can continue to build my closet. 

 Let me know what you think about the items I received!

Chaser Mountain Faux Fur Line Suede Easy Open Vest Jacket in Black – $128

 I don’t wear vests all that often and I don’t like this one very much.  I guess this a quick way to edge up an outfit — a pair of jeans or a casual skirt, but I don’t like that I can’t close it and I’m not thrilled with the fur lining.  Also, I don’t see me wearing this more than once or twice a season.  This isn’t screaming for a spot in my closet .Status: Returned


Central Park West Leeds Sweater in Black- $117

The sweater is pretty basic — one of those items that will never go out of style. I just have no feeling whatsoever about it.  I want to at least be a little happy about buying something new to wear, so I pass this piece up. Status: Returned


    Sanctuary Essential Shell Top in White- $44

Another really basic piece, but at least I will get lots of wear out of it. It’s good to wear under blazers and leather jackets, and will look nice with any bottom.  I like the mixed media material – stretchy in the front, silky in the back. Also, the mesh detailing around the sleeve is sort of cute.  Best of all… the price is right for this type of top. Status: Kept


Chaser Metallic Lace Criss Cross Back Tank in Vanilla – $80


This lace cami is pretty.  It’s a quality piece that will hold up for a good while. I don’t like the crisscross back – it doesn’t lay right on me.  I probably need a smaller size.  But even if it fit better, I don’t think I would keep this. I don’t think I’d get much wear out of it. Status: Returned


IRO Zelia Dress in Gold – $320

Yuck! Ugh! Status: Returned


Chaser Silk Basics Open Sleeve Shirttail Boho Blouse in Vanilla – $128

Very boring and I DO NOT want another off the shoulder top! Status: Returned


Chaser Love Knit Triangle Open Back Long Sleeve Pullover in Stripe – $86

It’s the back of this sweater that gives it character, but also the reason why I wouldn’t wear it much. The triangle opening is just big enough that it’s difficult to wear a regular bra with.  The sweater is thin enough that I need to wear something underneath it — else my nipples will show.  I don’t like the idea of having to have pasties on hand every time I want to wear this.  Status: Returned


Paige Skyline Skinny in Easton – $179

A pretty basic pair of designer jeans.  These fit very well and I like the color. Just not in the market for another pair of plain blue jeans today. Blah!  Status: Returned


Hudson Luna Ankle Super Skinny in Valor – $245

These jeans are my favorite item from the box!  I love the bead detail going down the outer side.  They fit like butter and are very comfortable to wear!  Here’s the feeling of excitement that, up until now, hadn’t come by trying on the other items in this box.  I want to buy these jeans, but when I see the price, I want to cry!  I’m willing to pay for a good pair of jeans and, if you are viewing this blog on a regular basis, you know that I’ve bought several pricey pairs. BUT, these are REALLY expensive and I can’t justify spending the money for them. I’d rather have dinner with hubby at a nice restaurant! Status: Returned


So, this first box from Bungalow Clothing was kind of blah…. I know I asked for basic pieces, but thought my stylist would turn these up a notch.  I’ll ask him to be a bit more thoughtful as he styles the next box.  

Let me know what you think about box from Bungalow Clothing!

How do you rate these items in this box?



Kenia is a late bloomer from Philadelphia, PA. She is excited to explore and get back in touch with her personal style. From fashion, to food, to travel, she looks forward to sharing her style journey with you!

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